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CE Hardware was founded on 25th October 1990 by co-founders Mr. Rolf Boeger and Mr. Karl Roos. What makes CE Hardware stand apart from other companies is that we have a variety of materials to choose from which are of high quality and standard. We ensure that all our customers are tended to professionally and efficiently by out counter sales staff.

Since the founding of CE Hardware, the company has grown and will continue to grow in the coming years.

We sell a variety of products ranging from treated timbers, white goods, plumbing materials, electrical products, construction tools, tiles, joinery material and accessories, suspended ceiling materials and accessories and all other hardware materials.

We get our products from both local and overseas brands.

Our local brands such as Cloudy Bay and Sarco Timber for timber, PNG Forest Products for plywood and cement from PNG Taiheyo to name a few.

Our overseas brands such as Rondo supply us with suspended ceiling products, Bosch for construction tools, accessories and white goods, Bremick for all screws, Kaba for door locks and door closers, Formica for laminate materials, Redback for step and extension ladder, Davco for tiling products, to name a few.

We have sponsored events such as school magazine publications for Don Bosco and Caritas Technical Secondary School, Red Shield appeal from the Salvation Army and taken part in sponsoring some building materials for Chesire Homes, to name a few.

Our operating hours are from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm during the weekdays , and 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturdays..

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